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April 1, 2012
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John had always wondered if Mike was ticklish. Almost everyone on the roster had been tickled before, even himself, but he'd never seen Miz get tickled. John was determined to find out.

On the day they had Monday Night Raw, the Superstars had to get to the arena early in the morning to prepare and practice everything they would do that night. John and Miz were part of the Superstars that went. They didn't do much except study the lines of what they would say tonight. John had a plan.

John approached Miz in Miz's dressing room. He knocked and had his plan well thought out. Miz stood up, went to the door, and asked in a sort of annoyed tone, "Who is it?"

"It's John, Mike. I need to ask you a question about the script we have. Can I come in?" John said hoping Mike was in a good enough mood to let him in.

Miz opened the door. He was dressed in one of his t-shirts and a pair of jeans. "Fine, come in," Miz allowed Cena to pass him inside.

"Thanks, Mike. You got a nice place here. I've never actually seen it before," John was trying to be as polite as possible even though sometimes he couldn't stand the prick.

"Yeah, well. That's because you never come here. Why are you here today? Don't you usually go to Orton or Kingston when you have script problems?" Miz asked starting to get a little suspicious.

"Uh, yeah, but today I came to you because there's a part about when you come to the ring after I speak and, uh.... You know what how about you read it then tell me what you think," John handed him the paper and showed him which part that was. Little did Miz know, John had written up a new page of the script to fool Mike into thinking it was actually going to happen.

Miz read, then stumbled upon a part that he didn't see in his own script. Miz was quite puzzled as to why that was even there.

"Uh, Mike? Did you get to the part?" John asked, trying not to smile.

"WHAT?!?! You have to tickle me? Really? REALLY? There has to be a mistake or something. Who does that in wrestling? Tickling is for children! I'm going to talk to the people reonsible for this," Miz looked almost scared, but still was pissed. John knew that if Mike wasn't ticklish he wouldn't act this defensive. Bingo.

"Whoah, woah, woah. Calm down, Miz! What's the big problem? It's just a little tickling. Unless.... Hey are you ticklish?" John now had a mischivous gleam in his eyes and was also grinning a little.

Miz looked horrified. He knew that he was very ticklish, and he'd kept it a secret until now. His most ticklish spot was his belly and bellybutton. So, he tried to lie.

"Of course not, John. I just think it's so stupid to do that in front of thousands of people! Don't you? How come you're not being tickled? Everyone, including me, knows that you are extremely ticklish!" Miz smirked when he said that because he believed he made a good point.

"Yes, Mike. I am ticklish, and everyone does know that. I'm surprised that you actually know that I'm ticklish. I figured you're too busy to have time to watch me get tickled. So are you sure you're not ticklish because I've never seen you get tickled before?" John said moving slightly closer to Miz.

Miz backed away. "Well, John. Did it ever cross your mind that the reason you've never seen me tickled before is because I'm not ticklish?"

"Oh, ok. So you don't mind if I test it out? Just to see if you're really not ticklish," John moved even closer to Miz. Mike backed up as far as he could, and then tripped over the couch and landed in it. John pounced on Mike and straddled his waist. Mike was very strong and tried to push John off, but John was slightly stronger.

"Get off me, Cena! What's wrong with you? I already told you that I'm NOT ticklish!!! So get off of mehehehe....." Mike was trying to speak, but John lightly tickled his sides which made Miz chuckle slightly, but he would fight it.

John smiled because he now knew that Miz was almost as ticklish as he was. "What was that Mike? I didn't quite hear that."

Miz opened his mouth to speak, but then shut it when he felt John's fingers wiggling along his ribs and sides. He tried to prevent laughing his head off, but he was just too ticklish. Mike started to giggle when John picked up speed.

"Oh come on, Miz! I know you're ticklish! Just laugh already! You know you want to. Coochie, coochie, coo!" John said, taunting The Miz. That only made the tickling feel worse on Mike's sides. John forcefully tickled Mike's ribs again and he burst out laughing. He couldn't hold it in any longer and gave in to John and his evil fingers.

"Hahahahaa.... John STOP p-please! Ahhhahahahahaaaa... Oh my God! Please... No..... Stohohohop!!!!!" Miz was laughing so hard and John was relishing this moment of superiority over Mike. Miz was, after all, a hard shell to crack and John cracked him wide open!

"Still not ticklish, Mike? Hehe, you're laughing like a four-year-old just because you're getting tickled!" John started laughing at the sight of Mike because he was usually so serious. It was nice to see him let loose and laugh.

Then John stopped for a moment because he could see that Miz needed to breathe. Miz was still laughing and panting when the tickling stopped. When he finally calmed down, John smiled at him and Miz just glared.

"John, please let me up! I'm very ticklish, you found out. Congratulations, just please get off of me," Miz said almost begging John.

"I don't think so, Mike. I know your ribs and sides are ticklish, but what about your belly?" As John said this he poked Miz in the belly. Miz tensed and once again bit his lip.

"Are you? I have a gut feeling that you are," John gave Miz's belly a quick tickle which made him squirm and try to get away from John's fingers.

Miz was silent, and John's face lit up like lights on a Christmas tree. Then he began slowly dragging his fingers all over Miz's toned belly. Mike had to laugh because he was deadly ticklish there. Then John moved quicker all over his stomach which sent poor Mike into hysterics. He was bucking his body, laughing, and screaming all at once. It was a wonder that no one heard him by now.

Then John tickled all around Miz's bellybutton and he screamed really loudly before returning to uncontrollably giggling. John laughed at that. So, he decided to stay in that spot for a while, occasionally tickling inside his bellybutton. Miz was on the verge of dying in his mind.

"JOHN STOHOHOHOP!!!! Pleeeeeeaaaaaaase!!! I'm extremely t-ticklish.... Hahahahaaa...... there! Stooooop! No, no no, NO, NAAAHAHAHAAA!!!" Miz screamed at the top of his lungs. All of his squirming and laughing eventually made it impossible for him to move. So, he just lay there, laughing like mad.

After about twelve minutes of tickling, John stopped. Miz was catching his breath, which was kind of hard since John was crushing him.

"Hahaha, you are too ticklish, Miz! I can't believe it! No wonder I've never seen you get tickled. You're too ticklish for getting tickled. Haha, I win. But...... I need to test one more thing," John smiled evilly.

"No more J-John, please. I can't t-take it!" Mike tried to get out of John's grip on him, but it was no use. He was just too weak.

Then John did the thing that his parents did to him to send him into hysterics when he was a child. He lifted up Mike's shirt to reveal his abs. Then John dipped his head down to Mike's belly and blew a huge raspberry!

Mike's body jolted upward, nearly knocking Cena off. Miz was helplessly cracking up. And when John did it a second time, Miz squealed like a little girl and laughed again. When he did this John started to laugh at Mike. Mike turned the color of a cherry because even he couldn't believe he did that. John was laughing too hard to notice that Miz had gotten most of his strength back and knocked John off of him. He landed on the floor with a thud, then Mike acted quickly and straddled him instead.

"The tables have turned, Cena. I know that you're very ticklish as well, especially on your thighs," Miz grinned wickedly and turned himself around so he faced John's legs.

"Oh, come on! Mike, don't do this! Please! You know how ticklish I am there. I'll die!" Now it was John's turn to beg. Miz didn't listen and torturously slowly ran his index finger up and down on the inside of John's left thigh. John squirmed and giggled like a child, which made Mike really happy. Only one word was on Miz's mind right now: Humiliation. He wanted John to scream and laugh like he did. So he attacked both thighs viciously.

John screamed and rocked back and forth to try to knock Miz off of him. He couldn't move his legs much because they were trapped by Miz. But he could move his arms. He slapped and punched Mike's back repeatedly in hope that he would stop this torture. All Miz did was laugh at John's failed attempts. Then John started grabbing and sort of tugging at Mike's sides. Mike momentarily stopped his tickling and jerked away from John's fingers. It did actually tickle him. Then he ended up pinning John's arms to his sides, preventing John from tickling him.

Then he resumed tickling John's thighs, and John was brought back to crazily laughing. John soon grew weak with laughter and tears of mirth were streaming down his cheeks.

Mike flipped back around and began to tickle John's sides, ribs, belly, bellybutton, and hips. John was a laughing mess.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!! Noooo! STOHOHOHOOOP!!! AAAAAHHHAHAHA!!! I'm.... Hahahaha...... S-s-sorryyyyhyhyhy!!!!" John tried to beg through his laughter.

"Oh no. I'm not stopping just yet, John. I have one more thing left to do," Mike was smiling from ear to ear when he said this. He lifted up John's shirt and blew repeated raspberries all over John's stomach. John couldn't take it. He felt like he was going to pass out from laughter. And to Miz's delight he squealed many times like a girl.

"Alright, alright. I'll stop, Cena." Miz stopped his ticklish raspberries and pulled down Cena's shirt.

When they both fully calmed down, they sat on the couch and stared at each other. Then John and Mike burst out laughing at one another. The situation was just too funny!

When they stopped laughing, John explained to Miz that the script was fake and that he just wanted to see if he was ticklish. That resulted in Mike punching John in the arm.

"Never, ever, EVER do that again, Cena. I mean it!" Miz said to John after a moment of silence between the two.

John just smiled and said, "What, this?" and he briefly tickled Miz in his belly to make him double over and laugh.

"Yes! Exactly that! Please, John? Truce?" Miz held out his hand to John.

"Of course, Mike. And I won't tell anyone...... yet," John shook Miz's hand and smiled.

"Hey!" Mike said to John.

"Just kidding Mizanin. They'll find out soon enough anyway," John told him, "Hehe, ok. This was fun. We should do it again sometime." John laughed at Mike's horrified face.

"Yeah.... fun.... right. So, see you tonight, John." Miz stood up and John followed.

"Bye, Miz. I'll kick your ass tonight." John smiled and lightly punched Miz's shoulder.

"No, I think it's me that'll kick your butt." Miz said, also smiling.

They both said 'good-bye' and gave each other knowing grins as Mike closed his door. John was happy that his plan worked, and that he and the Miz were closer as friends. And now John knew just when Miz pisses him off, all he has to do is tickle him.

                                      ~The End~
This was my first ever WWE fanfiction that I did. If some grammar is incorrect, I apologize. I was younger when I wrote it, and I didn't feel like editing it.
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