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"How much longer, brother?"

"Uh... Another two to three months."

"Ohhh, dear Odin! I don't think I can do it, Thor."

"You've been doing great for a whole ten months..."

"It's been that long?"


"Hmph, feels longer."

"I know. Just look on the bright side--"

"Oh, don't give me that 'bright side' nonsense! There is no bright side."

"Really? The bright side isn't finally being freed of your imprisonment in Asgard? Well, more specifically the castle in Asgard. The bright side isn't maybe getting revenge on The Avengers?"



"You're not supposed to put bad notions in my head, Thor. That's what I'm here to get rid of."

"You can't dream?"

"When did you become so sinister?"

Thor laughed. He was talking with Loki in Loki's room. Obviously, Loki's trial went well. He wasn't banished for eternity... But he was punished. He had to stay locked up in the Asgardian castle for a year or more, with a set of rules. Thor was allowed to visit Loki once every day for a period of up to three hours. 

"You have a good argument, though, Thor. I am quite looking forward to getting out of this wretched castle."

"See? The bright side is always there."

"How long have you been in here?"

"About four minutes... Why?"

"Another two hours and fifty-six minutes left..."

"And I intend to spend every second of it here with you."

"Great," Loki said sarcastically. He laid back on his bed and rested his arms behind his head. Thor was busy pacing the floor of Loki's room. Loki watched him as he walked.

"Don't pace, Thor. I hate when you do that."

"Well, someone's in a foul mood," Thor said and stood still. 

"Fine. I won't pace."

Thor did stop walking, but then made his way over to Loki's bed and sat in it... next to Loki. 

"Maybe I'd prefer that blasted pacing..."

Thor chuckled. 

"It's either this or the pacing, brother. Choose one."

"Alright, alright. Just sit still. I swear sometimes you act like a shark."

"A shark?"

"Yeah. Sharks have to keep moving or else they'll die."


"See, that right there totally killed the whole aspect of the joke."

Thor laughed, "What?"

"Your cluelessness, Thor!"

"I'm clueless? Really, Loki... Well, which one of us didn't know how to play video games?"

"It was a stupid and pointless form of entertainment."

"Mmhm. And I beat you, did I not?"

"I got distracted..."

"Oh, yeah," Thor chuckled, "By what?"

"Those unnecessary noises that came out of your mouth!"

"What noises?"

"Your 'oohs' and groans. And sometimes squeaks.... Hehehe."

"I do not make those noises!"

"You can ask anyone present that day, and they will tell you just how stupid you sounded."

"I don't believe you."

"Okay. Next time you force me to play with you, I will bring witnesses."

"To prove nothing."

There was a moment of silence between the two that was broken when Loki started giggling quietly. Thor even began chuckling. 

"There goes a whole chunk of my time in here. Thanks."

"Oh, don't even! You know this was all because of you. You started talking about video games, and you started talking ab--"

"You started talking about the bloody snorks, or starks, or whatever."

"Snorks?" Loki tried to hold back his smile and laughter. He utterly failed when he snorted and began giggling. 

"What? Is that not what they're called?" Thor was acting very dumb, but not on purpose. 

"Nohohoho! Absolutely not. Thehehey're called sharks, Thor."

"You know, this is the most pointless conversation I have ever had with anyone."

Loki's laughter rose in volume as Thor finished his sentence. Another minute of silence followed when Loki stopped laughing. 

"So, how are your friends back on Earth? Do you stay connected with them?" Loki asked to come up with some conversation. 

"I haven't seen or heard from any of them in quite a long while. I guess they all went their separate ways."

"I'm sorry, Thor. Maybe you'll all meet in the future when another huge threat puts the Earth in danger. And maybe next time I can be on your side."

"Yeaaah.... I'll think about that."

"You are so mean!"


"I was being serious. I would find it nice to be an Avenger."

"Who knows? We may need a little bit of magic on our side next time."

"Exactly. And that's where I come in, right?"


"I'll take that. So, do you miss any of them?"

"Honestly... Well, yeah. I miss the Captain."

"Mister Red White And Blue?"

"Yes. Captain America... Do you miss any of them?"

Loki gave Thor a look that could pass for 'really?'. Then he smiled.

"I do actually."

"You do? It was just a joke, but okay. Who?"

"The man of iron... Stark. He was fun to toy with."

"Stark or the shark?"

Loki laughed. 

"Yehes... Stark the shark."

Thor joined Loki in the laughter. 

"Why else do you miss him the most? Besides the fact that he's 'fun to toy with'."

"That's it really. He was the most memorable. Although your giant green troll was interesting, as well."

"Oh yes... I heard later on that he tossed you around like a rag doll," Thor giggled.

"Yes, very funny, Thor."

"I bet it was. I wish I couldve seen it, though."

"Yes, it was a blast."

Thor laughed.

"Don't laugh! It really hurt," Loki whined like a child. Thor stopped laughing and saw how Loki had crossed his arms over his chest. He scooted closer to him on the bed.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to laugh at your pain."

"It's okay. 'Cuz now I get to laugh at how Iron Man beat the hell out of you."


Loki burst out laughing. Thor blushed and nudged him. 

"It was a fair fight."

"Oh, really? I also heard that you got your ass handed to you by Captain America and the Hulk."

"No, I didn't. Who told you something like that?"

"Well, for starters... I watched Steven Rogers and Tony Stark beat you senseless in the forest. Remember that?"

"Okay, but how do you explain knowing Banner beat me up?"

"You just admitted it."

"What? No I didn't!"

"Just now I got my answer. I honestly had no clue that you were hit by Doctor Banner. I kind of figured that he had a squabble with you, and you confirmed that."

"Well, you got hurt by all of the Avengers."

"I know. And I lost... Can we not talk about this anymore?!"

"But you brought them up."

"No I did n--. Wait, yes I did."


"I tried to make a conversation with you, and I knew that was all your small mind could comprehend."

"You are cruel, Loki."

"I know."

"I may have a small mind, but I have more heart than you will ever have."

"Wow... What film did you steal that from?"

"None. I just thought of that now."

"Okay. Well, it was very good... And mean."

"Now you know how it feels. But I guess we're even now because I have a small mind and you have a small heart."

"A black hole is more like it."

"No. You have something in there," Thor prodded Loki's chest where the heart is located. 

"And you still have nothing up there," Loki returned and poked Thor's forehead. Then he chuckled a bit. 

"I have more brawn than brains."

Loki chuckled and said, "Well, actually the phrase is 'more brains than brawn'. But you would qualify the opposite way."

"Thanks, Loki. Uh, how much longer do I have?"

"Umm... You came in at about 11:30, correct?"


"Okay. You still have another hour and fifty minutes."

"Great. What do you want to do?"

"Could we go for a walk? I really want to get out of this room."

"Okay. I'm in need for some fresh air."

Loki and Thor both stood up and exited the room. Loki stretched when they stepped out of his room. 

"You know what the good thing is about being in confinement for nine months?" Loki asked Thor once they started walking. 

"What is that?"

"That after the eighth month, you don't need to wear handcuffs when you leave your room."

"Oh, really?" Thor smiled. 

"Yes, it's wonderful."

"I'm glad you're happy and chain-free."

They continued walking through the halls of the castle. Loki was very attentive to everything around him. He noticed many people they passed give him either sympathetic or dirty looks. He knew he'd never quite fit in in Asgard. 

"Thor..." Loki said after a long silence between the two.


"I don't like the way these people are looking at me."

Loki stopped walking and so did Thor. 

"Don't mind them."

"No, I know... But they all hate me."

"Hey, I do, too after you tried to rule Earth."

"That's different. They're giving me very nasty looks."

"And when has nasty looks ever brought you down? Let's keep walking."


Thor and Loki resumed walking down the beautiful and spacious halls. 

"Thor, can we go somewhere?"

"Where exactly?"

"Just come with me, and I'll show you."


"What? You scared?"

"No... I just want to know that I won't get you into trouble if I go with you."

"Well, it's in the castle. Is that within my boundaries?" 

"I guess so--"

"Great! Follow me," Loki said. He turned around and headed down a hallway to the left. Thor sighed and followed him. Loki walked with a long stride, while Thor walked briskly next to him. 

After a couple minutes of following Loki, Thor had lost track of where they were. He had never seen this part of the castle before.

"Loki, where are we?"

"We are in the area of the castle I called my second home for many years of my life. I used to go here when I wanted to escape the world... more specifically you."

"Oh, that's nice."

"It was. Ooh, it's just down here. Come," Loki turned another corner. Thor followed him, but all he saw at the end of it was a wall. 

"Loki, this is a dead end."

"That's what it wants you to think," Loki grinned. He placed his hand on the wall and dragged it along as he slowly walked to the end. Thor was waiting for something to pop out and attack them. 


"Calm down, Thor. Everything will be fine. You want me to hold your hand?"

"That would be nice," Thor answered Loki's sarcastic question. Loki continued his dream-like pace until they reached the end of the hallway. Loki approached the wall at the end and placed his hand on it. He closed his eyes and muttered some incantation. 

Suddenly, light bursted through a series of cracks that magically formed in the wall. Thor backed up and covered his eyes because it was so bright. Loki didn't seem to mind, as his smile got wider. Finally, a door appeared in the wall. Loki looked back at Thor with a smug expression. 

"Cool, huh?" 


Loki chortled to himself and opened the door. He went inside and Thor cautiously followed. What met their eyes was a gorgeous sight. 

Thor and Loki ended up on some sort of porch in the castle. The view was a marvel. It showed all of Asguard. They saw mountains that reflected light from a large star into a wide ocean. The water glistened with the afternoon light. What was even prettier was the fact that they could see the clouds that support Asgard. The rainbow bridge was even visible in the far off distance. Thor's jaw had dropped long ago.

"Loki... This... This is amazing! How did you ever find this place?"

"One can get very desperate trying to hide from family."

Loki walked over to a set of pillows laid on the ground. He sat in one and gestured to the other for Thor to join him. Thor obeyed. 

"I never knew why there was an extra pillow up here. But now I know... I guess it was for a friend."

"Just a friend?"

"Or a brother."

Thor smiled. He looked out at the spectacular view before them once more. Loki sighed in content. 

"I think it's been three hours, Thor. Don't you have to leave?"

"Screw the time, brother. I could stay here all day."

"I could, too. When I was younger, I sometimes did. But I would rather not have another month of punishment," Loki stood up. Thor looked up at him with a sad, but understanding face. He reluctantly stood up. Loki smiled at him and draped his arm over Thor's shoulders as they walked out of the door together. Before they left the hallway, Loki turned around and uttered another spell. This one made the door disappear. 

"You amaze me, Loki."

"Hehe. Thank you, Thor."

"I'll race you back to your room."

"You're on."

They got to the hallway, and this would be their starting point. Thor counted to three and they were off. At one point, Thor used  Mjolnir to fly down the hallways.

"Hey! That's cheating!" Loki yelled out, getting many stares from the Asgardians scattered throughout the hallways.

 Loki used his magic ability to make obstacles for Thor while he flew. Loki was still sprinting while he was doing this. Nothing stopped Thor until Loki conjured a brick wall in front of his path. Thor crashed right into it and fell to the floor. Loki ran past him, laughing. Loki then turned another corner, and he saw his room at the end of the hallway. He smiled to himself, thinking that he would get there first. Just then, Thor came sprinting down the hallway. He was gaining ground on Loki. Loki ran faster, his lungs on fire, determined to beat Thor. He was almost there. Then, he got knocked to the floor by something or someone. 

Thor had lunged himself at Loki when he was close enough to him. They were rolling around on the floor, laughing. Thor ended up pinning Loki to the ground with his hands above his head. Both of them were out of breath. 

"This was fun," Thor said.

"Yeah. You could say so," Loki said breathlessly, "And guess what?"


"I won."

"What?!" Thor looked up to see one of Loki's clones standing at the door of Loki's room. 

"That's not fair."

"Was I ever known to be fair? I am the God of Mischief, after all."

Loki burst out laughing. Thor rolled off of Loki and stood up. He then offered Loki a hand to help him to his feet. Loki took it and stood up with Thor. They proceeded to walk calmly to Loki's room. Loki made his clone disappear. 

"Thanks, Thor, for making this a fun day."

"No problem. And thank you for spending three hours of it with me."


Thor and Loki finally reached Loki's room. Loki turned around to face Thor. 

"Until tomorrow, then?" Thor said.

"Sounds good," Loki said in return. 


"Bye. Thanks again," Loki said as Thor walked away. Thor looked back at him and smiled. Loki beamed and retreated to his room, where he planned to take a nap. Running through a whole castle can be very tiring, even for a god. 

                                                         ~The End~
I felt like Loki and Thor should act like children after being adults in my last story. I had fun writing it. Please Enjoy!
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Loved it! :iconthoranotherplz:
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I love this! It made me laugh. :D This is just how I imagine their relationship to be. Great work! :)
MichelleAndTheBeatle Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
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Frostwhiskercat Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012
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I loved this one! And I really want to see more of it.:heart:
And of course, Loki joining the Avengers. That'll be awesome! xD
I really hope you'll continue this.
I'll definitely gonna read more of you're stuff!
Thank you for this awesome fic.:hug:
MichelleAndTheBeatle Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome! And thank you for liking it. I am hoping to write more Thor/Loki type stories.
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I hope you do, I really enjoy reading your stuff.:hug:
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That was so SOOO sweet! It was good to see that brotherly love and competition, and to see there thoughts on topics as well. I love your writing style and am definitely going to read more of your stuff.
MichelleAndTheBeatle Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks so much!
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MichelleAndTheBeatle Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I'm not sure. Maybe when I get bored, I can dabble in a part two of this story. I'll try.
captainkittycat Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012
That'd be cool! It's a really good story!
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That's good dvice. Thanks. And I really don't think that's a word... LOL!
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