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June 28, 2012
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"Stop! Leave me alone!" Loki ran up a flight of stairs, but tripped on one step. He quickly regained his footing and ran through the heli-carrier. Following him were Thor and Tony. Bruce, Steve, and Clint were also following Loki, but they weren't in hot pursuit of him. 

Loki turned abruptly into an empty healing room. He shut and locked the door behind him. About five seconds later, Tony was seen running into the closed door. Loki was panting, trying to catch his breath after running from The Avengers. 

"Open the door, Reindeer Games," came Tony's voice from the other side of the door.

"A-Absolutely not," Loki replied breathlessly. He sat on the cot in the tiny medical room. 

Tony turned around and looked at Thor. 

"Wanna give it a try?"

Thor walked to the door and spoke loudly, "Brother, please come out. We promise not to hurt you."

"That's what you said last time."

"And did we hurt you?"

"Mentally, yes."


"You humiliated me. And I will not stand for it," Loki crossed his arms over his chest like a bratty, stubborn child. Thor turned away from the door.

"Geez, does he always act like this?" Bruce said, smirking. 

"How did you live with this guy?" Tony added, "He's acting like a five-year-old."

"I can hear all of you, you know."

"Just come out. We won't bite or anything," Tony continued taking command of the negotiation. 

"Go away."

"Is diva the correct word to describe him?" Steve joked. Tony smiled and looked amused.

"Very nice, Cap. I see you've learned some lingo."

"This is so stupid. I don't even know why I'm here," Clint suddenly blurted out.

"Okay, then... Leave. No one needs you, Barton. No one even likes you."

"Hey, I have plenty of fan girls that adore me..." 

"Yeah, well, not as many as cranky pants in there," Tony pointed to the closed off medical room housing an annoyed Asgardian god, "And do we need to break in? I really didn't want it to come to that."

"You can't stay in there forever, Loki," Thor knocked on the door. Loki was thinking. He trusted that The Avengers wouldn't harm him... But he didn't trust that they would let him off easy. Loki knew that they would find some way to annoy and embarrass him. 

"Who says I can't?"

"Uhhh... How about S.H.I.E.L.D. and all of us here right now?" Clint answered Loki. Loki stood up and quietly unlocked the door so it made almost no sound. 

"Do you promise not to bother me if I go out there?" he asked. 

"Yeah. Just open the door," Steve said. Loki sighed. He barely opened the door a crack before he was knocked to the floor by Thor barging in. Loki dragged his body backwards as Thor and Tony stood in the room with him. And he knew that this small medical room wasn't built for two gods and a genius/billionaire. 

"Now, hold on," Loki put out his hand in defense, "You promised that you would let me be."

"No. When did you hear that?" Tony said. Loki looked very confused.

"He- He said it," Loki pointed at Steve, "He promised."

"Yeah. Steve promised. None of the rest of us did," Tony smirked. Loki backed up until his back was against the wall... probably not the smartest place to be when you're trying to avoid being cornered. Thor and Tony stood around him, blocking any possible point of escape. Then, Thor grabbed Loki by his shoulders and flung him on the cot. He pinned him down with his arms spread apart on each side of his head.

"Thor, please don't. This is stupid and childish and, frankly, utterly pointless!"

"Oh, would ya stop it with the big, fancy words? It's making my brain hurt, for God's sake," Tony moved over to the two brothers and sat at the edge of the bed.

Bruce, Steve, and Clint looked on eagerly, being either outside or in the doorway. Tony laughed as Loki struggled in his brother's hold. 

"Let me go this instant! I swear I will rule the Earth again..." was Loki's threat. All of The Avengers laughed at him, which only made Loki feel extremely stupid. 

"You mean, try to rule the Earth again," Bruce corrected Loki. 

"I will end both of you if you don't stahp-- Stop that!" Loki flinched. Tony had wiggled his fingers on one of Loki's sides. Loki was helpless. He was pinned by his older brother, and even if he got out of that, he was trapped in this room by the Earth's Mightiest Heroes. 

"Well, you shouldn't have told us that you're ticklish," Tony said.

"But I didn't!" Loki said in a whiny tone, which only made The Avengers at the door giggle. 

"Thor, you good?"


"Alright... Are you okay if you keep holding him? Or do you, like, need to take a break or something?"

"I'm a god, Mr. Stark."


"Thor, get off!" Loki screamed. He managed to lift his wrists half an inch off the bed mattress, but Thor forced them back down again. Tony began tickling Loki's side once he saw that Loki was held down firmly again. Loki bit his lip to prevent from smiling or laughing. He was really in hell, though. 

"What happened to that tough guy attitude you had a minute ago?" Tony teased, digging his fingertips into Loki's ribs. Loki squeaked in surprise and tried to wiggle away from Tony's fingers. 

"Stop, stop, stop," Loki begged. Bruce was having a hard time controlling his laughter at the door, as was Thor. 

"How does he react when he's not held down?" Tony asked Thor, thinking that he had previous experiences tickling Loki. Thor grinned. 

"Would you care to see?"

"Heck yeah."

Loki was struggling again in Thor's grip. 

"Get off of me, you lummox!" Loki yelled. 

"Alright," Thor said. He let go of Loki's arms, but then began tickling his sides vigorously. Loki was howling with laughter, trying to curl himself into a ball. 

"Thor, stop! Stop ihihihihit! No! Ah!" Loki squealed when Thor had an opportunity to dig his fingers in one of his armpits. Out of everyone watching, Steve looked the least amused. Bruce noticed this.

"You don't think this is funny, Cap?" Bruce asked him. Steve looked at him with his arms crossed. 

"Well... It's childish."

"Yeah. So? What, you've never been a kid?" Hawkeye said. 

"I was a child.  But now I'm an adult. I've been through too much to take part in this ."

"Geez, Cap. Way to bring a damper on all of this. And what do you mean you've been through too much to be a part in tickling?" Tony stood up off the bed and walked over to The Avengers at the door. 

"You know my story, Stark. So, why do you ask?"

"I just don't believe that anyone can't be tickled. No matter what they've gone through."

"Steve, you better run 'cuz I know where this is going," Clint advised Captain America and rested a hand on his shoulder. But Steve stood strong and firm, hands still crossed across his chest. 

"Come on. You want to tell me that the great Captain America isn't ticklish? I don't believe that," Tony moved closer to Steve. He reached out his hand to scrape it along Steve's stomach, but Steve swatted the hand away. 

"But I'm not. So don't try it."

"Then, why did you slap my hand? You scared I might tickle you in front of your team?" Tony went for his stomach again, and this time succeeded. Steve jumped back as Tony's fingers got to work on his stomach and sides. Bruce and Clint were blocking the door, so Steve had no point of escape. He was brought down to his knees with laughter. Then, Tony hit a sweet spot on Steve's upper rib cage, which sent Steve into another round of hysterics. 

Between Loki and Steve, the two most unlikely people to be ticklish, this was hilarious to Bruce, Clint, Thor, and Tony. 

"Tonihihihiy! Stop! Noho, don't! Stop it!" Steve begged. Everyone could tell Tony was having a great time with this because he wasn't letting up. 

Bruce was starting to let the fun of this seep in. He took action and tested Tony's ticklishness by wiggling his fingers on his side. Tony shot both arms down to protect the area of attack. He looked up at Bruce with a nervous expression. 

"Please don't," was all Tony could say before he was tickled by Bruce Banner. Clint was the only one that wasn't really taking part in this. Steve was still recovering from being tickled by Tony. 

"You okay?" Clint couldn't help but smirk at the end, looking down at Steve.

"Yeah. I'm just great. Are you ticklish?" Steve asked out of curiosity, "You're lucky of you aren't because it's a huge pain when you are. And you know, I thought I couldn't be ticklish anymore after I became... this. I guess some things you just can't get rid of."

Steve stood up, "Sorry that I kept talking, but you didn't answer my question." Clint was silent. 

"There's no point in lying. But will you promise not to tickle me when I tell you?"


"Please, Steve."

"Well, it's kind of hard since you've already told me that you're ticklish," Steve grinned mischievously. Clint ran out the door, but running wasn't really his forte. Steve caught him in a split second and dragged him back to the medical room, which was getting very crowded. 

Now usually, Clint's laughter was a deep, gravelly chuckle. But once Steve started tickling him, he sounded and acted like a completely different person. All of The Avengers in the room stopped what they were doing and turned their heads to see what was making that noise. 

Loki, Thor, and Tony were staring at Hawkeye with a gaping mouth. Steve and Bruce were giggling at the sight. Steve kept exploring the archer's upper body for more ticklish spots. 

Loki shook himself out of the trance and took this as a chance to escape... or even better, get revenge on his brother. He got free of Thor's hold on his wrists and shoved him off. Loki was then able to stand up.

"Ha!" Loki yelled triumphantly, pointing at Thor. Thor was chuckling, knowing that he was fooled. He's never really seen his brother so happy lately. This was a much better side of him that Thor loved. 

"Now, if you'll excuse me," Loki said and headed for the door, smirking. Bruce bolted in front of the door, blocking Loki's path. 

"Where do ya think you're going?" Bruce said. 

"Out there."

"Nah-ah. You are staying in here with us because, after all... it was you who ran in here in the first place."

"Dr. Banner, I advise you to step out of my way before I turn you into a cat."

"What happened to frogs?" Tony spoke up from the floor. Steve had stopped tickling Clint, and now they were both sitting up straight on the floor. Thor was sitting at the edge of the bed. They were all very cramped together, being in a tiny room built for three people at the most. 

"You enjoy frogs, Mr. Stark?" Loki turned his head to look down at Tony. 

"Not really, but isn't that what witches do? They turn their pray into frogs or toads or whatever."

"I'm not a witch or a warlock. I am a god. But I can turn him into a frog if I wanted to," Loki smiled evilly at Bruce. 

"Please stop giving him ideas, Mr. Stark," Thor said. Loki shot around and looked directly at Thor. Then, he shot a blue and green beam of light from his right hand at his brother. In a flash, Thor was no longer sitting on the cot. Instead, a large gray frog with a red cape was resting on the sheets. It croaked once. Loki smiled, pleased with his work. Then he couldn't help but start giggling at Thor and the stunned Avengers in the room. 

He pushed past Bruce, who was staring at frog-Thor. Steve stood up and chased after Loki.

"Wait!" he yelled. Loki slowed down his walking. Steve was soon walking next to him. 


"What did you do to Thor?"

"I turned him into a toad. Isn't the cape cute? Ehehehehe."

"Why him? You were threatening Bruce, right?"

"Well, I... He was more..."

Steve smiled, "You didn't want to hurt him."

Loki nodded and started twisting and pulling his fingers. 

"But you really didn't care what happened to your brother," Steve finished Loki's thoughts. Loki chuckled. 

"Yes, that is all true."

"So, you're having a change of heart. That's great... and quite an improvement."

"I wouldn't go that far, Captain."

"No, you are. What? You one of those people that's afraid of change?"

"I can adapt. I really didn't want to turn the doctor into a slimy toad. I just brought out my brother's true form."

Steve laughed at that. 

"Thahat's mean. I really shouldn't be laughing at that."

"But you are."

"I know, I know. I just have one question..."

"And what would that be?"

"Will Thor ever turn back into... Thor?"

"Actually... He should be his regular self right now. It wasn't a permanent spell. It was eventually going to wear off."

"You're not that evil anymore, Loki. If you did that a week ago, it would've been permanent. I knew you changed."

Loki blushed and smiled unwillingly. It touched him to basically be called good by Captain America. 

"Where are you going?" Steve asked when Loki didn't verbally respond to his observation. 

"Somewhere. But I'm not leaving the heli-carrier. So, you need not worry."

"I may have to take back what I said about not being evil, Loki. That sounds pretty mysterious."

Loki stopped in his tracks. He'd hate to have that title taken away from him. 

"Ah... I'm visiting an old place I used to resign. Remember the cell?"

"Why would you... Never mind," Steve said. He thought that was also a bit fishy, but realized that nothing was really in there anymore. Loki smiled at him. 

"Good day, Captain. That was quite fun," Loki said and strolled off. 

'And good luck changing Thor back,' Loki thought, as he chuckled evilly. 

                                                          ~The End~
I felt like writing another tickling story, but this time involving nearly everyone. Well, most of the guys, anyway. Please Enjoy!
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