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April 1, 2012
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The Avengers (Tony, Steve, and Bruce) were sitting at their HQ lounge room just chilling out. They were relaxing because they didn't have any villains to fight.Tony had been feeling, well, not like Tony lately. Even he didn't know why he was acting so glum lately. It was probably just all the stress from being a member of The Avengers. Tony just sat on the sofa, day-dreaming and staring out the window.

Steve had noticed that something was bothering Tony. He just didn't ask him about it because he felt it was rude. None of the other Avengers, whether in the room currently or somewhere else, noticed like Steve did. Now it was just him, Bruce, and Tony. He had to ask now, while almost everyone was in a good mood.

"Hey, Tony. Can I ask you something?" Steve sat up from his previous reclined position to look at Tony on the other side of the room. Tony was still day-dreaming, and didn't hear Steve.

"Tony? Tony!" Steve stood up and walked over to the other couch. He was practically standing right in front of Tony, but Tony was in his own world. Steve waved a hand in front of his face, but still no response. Steve smirked because he knew that Tony was now faking it.

Steve poked Tony in the side and said loudly, "Hey!" Tony jumped away from Steve's touch and was fully alert.

"Were you saying something? You could've just asked me. Why'd you have to touch me?" Tony said in an annoyed tone, but hid a slight nervousness in his voice because the poke actually tickled him.

"Haha, I said can I ask you a question!" Steve smiled, not fully aware of why Tony reacted like he did.

"Sure, Cap. What?" Tony said, looking at Steve who had sat next to him on the couch.

"Wait. Before you ask, Cap. Can I say something?" Bruce, who was not in his Hulk form, spoke up. He had been relatively silent the whole day, and chose to speak now. "Why'd you jump when he poked you, Tony?" Bruce asked. Steve and Tony both knew he was starting trouble on purpose.

"He startled me, Banner. Now can we let him ask his question?" Tony said and pointed at Steve.

"No, it's alright, Tony. Answer his question first. Why'd you jump?" Steve smiled and poked Tony in the ribs again. Tony let out a stifled yelp and grabbed his waist to prevent it from being poked again. Steve opened his eyes wide, now realizing that Tony, the great awe-inspiring Tony Stark, was ticklish!

"Stop that!" Tony said still holding his stomach. He knew he was busted. No one but his dad ever tickled him before, and that was when he was a child.

"Hahahaa! The invincible Iron Man is ticklish! This is great!" Steve exclaimed, and attacked Tony's sides. Tony yelled , and tried to fight off Steve. Tony was trying to escape, but fell over and landed on his back on the couch. Steve held Tony's hands together so they were above his head. He srtaddled his team member. Tony tried to get Captain America off him, but Steve was very strong.

"Get off me, Steve! I'm serious! I'm not ticklish! Get off or else!!!" Tony screamed at Steve who laughed.

Bruce actually began to giggle because this was what he wanted to happen. The team was working too hard, and it was time they took a break. Also, the position Steve and Tony were in was really comical.

"You're not ticklish? Then what was that before?" Steve held both of Tony's arms with one hand so he could have the other one free to tickle him. He then proceeded to lightly tickle Tony's belly. Tony tensed and bit his lip to help him refrain from laughing. Steve beamed and tickled all over Tony's belly with increased speed. Tony screamed, jumped, and began to laugh like crazy.

"Haha, yeah not ticklish. Riiiiight. Hey, Bruce. You want to help?" Steve looked over at his teammate. Bruce considered it, but just smiled and decided he'll watch... for now.

"Nah, not now. This is your battle, Captain," Bruce laughed and so did Steve.

"Yeah, but you're the one who made me tickle him," said Steve who kind of needed help tickling Tony.

"BANNER!!! Hahaahahaaa! D-don't youhuhuhu.... Dare! AAAAHHHHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!" Tony was trying to reason with Bruce through his laughter, which wasn't very effective. He began to buck his body once Steve lifted up his shirt and tickled his belly and bellybutton. Steve was being thrown around, but refused to be knocked off.

"Come on, Banner! It's fun... And plus, I might get knocked off soon! Woah! Help!" Steve almost fell off once he tickled around Tony's hips.

"Uhh. Fine, Cap. You win, but just know that once Tony's ready to fight back, I'm running," Bruce laughed, stood up, and walked over to Tony's laughing amd squirming body. Steve stopped tickling him to tell Bruce what to do.

"Alright, let's see. You want to tickle him or hold him down? I don't care which," Steve was still holding Tony's hands so he wouldn't escape. Tony was a panting mess. His hair was messier than usual and his clothes that were usually crease free had more wrinkles than an old person's face.

"Um, hehe. Never thought I'd be asked that question in my life. I guess I'll tickle mister tough guy if that's alright with you. You are stronger than me when I'm like this," Bruce motioned to himself saying that he's weak when he's not Hulk.

"Alright. Whatever you want," Steve slowly got up off of Tony as Bruce straddled him instead. Steve now held both of Tony's arms firmly.

"Banner, don't do this please! I admit it! I'm super ticklish. Just please let me go. If you do I promise not to kill you," Tony begged Bruce, but still tried to be funny. Bruce just smiled and said, "Take this as a punishment for all the times you made wise-cracks about me when I was and wasn't Hulk." Tony looked scared.

Bruce tickled Tony's hips, which got a good reaction out of him earlier. Tony squealed and laughed uncontrollably. Bruce and Steve began to crack up at Tony's girlish squeal. Bruce was the one clutching his stomach because he was laughing so hard. Steve had fallen to the floor and was rolling around laughing. Tony noticed that his arms were now free and both men were distracted. He pushed Bruce off of him and he straddled Bruce. Payback. Tony knew he really shouldn't tickle Bruce because it was Steve that had tortured him longer. But, he still wanted both of them to pay.

"I'm sorry, Tony! Get off! Please don't tickle me! I'm way too ticklish!" Bruce was pleading him. Steve had stopped laughing and was sitting on the floor watching Tony and Bruce. All the while, he kept thinking that this should be a regular thing they should do.

Tony just laughed and began to tickle Bruce's sides. Bruce flipped out and laughed hysterically. He was super ticklish!

"Wow! The mighty Hulk can't be stopped by bullets, or ray guns, or even a nuclear bomb. He can be simply taken down by a little tickling! Ha!" Tony was taunting Bruce. He just hoped that by tickling him he wouldn't turn into the Hulk.

"BAHAHAHAHAAA! STOOOOP!!! Tonyhyhyhy! I-I-I'm getting... AAAAHAHAHANGRY!!!" Bruce felt his pulse rising. He needed Tony to stop. Tony didn't stop, he wanted to cause Bruce as much ticklish torture as he put him through. Steve knew Bruce was about to explode.

"Tony! Stop!" Steve stood up and tackled Tony off Bruce to save both of their lives. Bruce was panting and his eyes were returning to their normal color. That was a close one. He looked over at Tony and Steve, and opened his mouth in shock.

Tony had managed to pin the Captain under him and was tickling all over his belly, ribs, and sides. The shocking part was how Steve was reacting to being tickled. He was laughing at the top of his lungs, screaming, and twisting his body to prevent Tony from tickling him.

Bruce was staring, bug-eyed, at the two of them. He never in a billion years imagined Captain America to be ticklish. Bruce was giggling as he wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes. Then he layed down on the floor, stretching, as he heard Steve's manic laughter.


Tony ignored the Captain's pleading, and then did the unimaginable. He lifted up Steve's shirt, revealing his entire chest and abdomen. He then bent his head down so his mouth was touching Steve's belly. Steve giggled because Tony's scruffy beard was ticklish. Tony blew a huge raspberry on Steve's highly ticklish stomach. Steve screamed like a girl then returned to booming laughter. Bruce laughed at Steve's scream and so did Tony. Tony did continue his regular tickling after a few more raspberries.

After ten minutes, Bruce took action and attempted to pry Tony off of Steve so he wouldn't pass out. Tony took Bruce down to the floor and they both struggled for the spot to be the person on top. Steve was giggling like mad and panting like crazy.

Soon, all three Avengers were involved in a tickle fight to see who would be the champion.

In the end, there was no winner. Tony, Steve, and Bruce lay on the floor. No one was moving, but all three were panting and laughing. They probably had the most fun they did in their lives just from tickling.

"Um, Tony. About my question earlier," Steve looked over at Tony who was sitting up on the floor.

"Hahaha, oh yeah. You still want to ask me? Hehe," Tony was the happiest he had been in a LONG time. He didn't even remember why he was upset in the first place.

"Yeah, I do. Why were you upset? Like, before you were acting weird," Steve asked Tony, as their eyes met.

"I was? I don't even remember. Are you sure I was upset? I know I'm never actually happy, but I don't think I was mad," Tony told Steve.

"Tony....." Steve knew he was lying. Tony was one of the best liers in the world, but something about this one didn't work on Steve.

"Alright, alright. I was just stressed out. I was pissed, and had..... and still have..... so much on my mind. Can you understand that? I'm feeling twenty times better, though," Tony smiled at Steve. Steve returned the grin, and looked at Bruce. He was lying on the floor with his eyes closed.

"Is Banner sleeping?" Steve laughed and leaned over Bruce to see if he was. He tickled his belly, which woke Bruce up. He jolted upward and giggled.

"I wasn't sleeping! I was just...... resting," Bruce said nervously.

"Yeah right. You go with that, Bruce. We tuckered you out with all that tickling. Hehehe," Tony chuckled.

"Shut up!" Bruce playfully yelled back.

There was a moment of silence that was broken by Steve. "Well, back to work, team. This was fun!" Steve smiled and stood up. Tony and Bruce looked at each other with shocked faces. They couldn't believe he called this fun. But deep down, they enjoyed it every bit as much as Steve.

                                      ~The End~
I love Marvel. I wrote this one when I heard that the Avengers movie was coming out. This was before I even saw it, so forgive me if the information is wrong. Please Enjoy!
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Handerson16 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014
Cute story, love the part that tony is blowing raspberries on Steve. 
MichelleAndTheBeatle Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Yessss! Thank you!
Handerson16 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014
Are you writing more story's about the avengers? 
MichelleAndTheBeatle Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Not as of late. Sorry :(
Handerson16 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014
It's okay x 
SuccubuS9500 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013  Student Writer
THIS is the first avengers tickle fic I read!!!! :D :iconlove: And um um um someone tickle me please? ....?....? :(
MichelleAndTheBeatle Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Really? That's so cool! And... I'm not sure I know what you mean. Do you want someone to tickle you right now?
SuccubuS9500 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013  Student Writer
Nevr mind, the trio ^ took care of it ;)! And I know riiiight?!?!?! I mean I was juuuust coming out of the closet with tickling and had started to search stuff from my fav fandoms (because strangers tickling strangers is such a turn off) and I found this! at first I didnt pay much attention to the author (sorry) but then I started noticing that the majority was you! And thats y u became my fave!! Funny story right? :iconlove: :iconlove: :iconlove:
MichelleAndTheBeatle Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
That's so sweet! And it's a great story, you're right. How's Team Mayhem coming along?
SuccubuS9500 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013  Student Writer
Thanks! Team Mayhem is coming along just greeeaaat but there was this problem, my computer had to be taken away for abot 5 days because it was heating up too much and the guy shifted all the things, for some reason :'( and I had to start over, so it might take a few hours or it might take a few days. When I get angry, Im part Hulk part Tony, So the service guy, i think, is still passed out ;). Ill submit is as soon as possible!
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