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Bruce was still in the lab. It was getting late, as he could tell by the darkness outside. He also noticed that there was a storm occurring. Bruce wondered what from because it was perfect weather earlier today. He began getting nervous, waiting for his teammates. Tony, Steve, and Thor had been gone for a while. He had no one to talk to because Natasha and Coulson went with them. Bruce's work amount was quickly depleting as the time passed. 

"Come on, come on, come on... Shit!" Bruce was frustrated with his computer. It finally shut down on him. He removed his glasses and stood back from the computer. He sighed and rubbed his eyes. Bruce stood back for another minute before he put his glasses back on, and then went on to another project. 

While Bruce was looking for some papers on a desk, he knocked over something. Whatever it was made a clinking noise as it hit the floor. He groaned and bent down to pick it up. Bruce smiled when he held what had fallen in his hands. It was the electrical metal pointer that Tony jabbed him with earlier in the day. He placed it back on the desk. Bruce finally found the papers he was looking for and flipped through them. 

Just then, a dozen S.H.I.E.L.D. agents walked by the transparent glass walls of the lab. Bruce looked up at them. The agents were encircling a person Bruce did not recognize. He was dressed in green, black, and gold leather and metal. The person also had jet black hair that flipped upward in the back, as well as blue eyes. He looked at Bruce. Bruce removed his glasses to look at the man easier. The man smirked at him, then continued walking. This sent shivers down Banner's spine. 

Bruce left the lab and went to the conference room. When he entered, he saw The Avengers (minus Hawkeye) sitting down or standing, like Thor. Thor seemed to be lost in thought as he rubbed his wristlets. No one seemed to notice Bruce. Bruce was sort of bothered by this and he cleared his throat. Steve and Natasha looked over at him. 

"How'd it go?" Bruce asked, showing signs of light-heartedness. 

"Well, we didn't get the Tesseract. But we did retrieve something for you to take a look at, Dr. Banner," Nick Fury said. 

"And what would that be?"

"A scepter used by the person behind all of this... Loki. It has the Tesseract's power at the tip of it. We need you to see exactly what that is."

"And this Loki character... Who is he?"

"My brother," Thor spoke up. Bruce looked at him, as a silence filled the room for thirty seconds. 

"Oh..." Bruce said, "Was he the guy that passed by the lab just a minute ago?"

"What did he look like?" Steve asked, just to see if it really was Loki who passed Bruce.

"He had long black hair... a cape--"

"Yeah, that's Loki," Tony said. 

"Really? He gave me a really creepy look, like he knew me or something."

"He just wants to get inside your head," Natasha said. Bruce nodded.

"He's your brother, Thor?" Bruce asked the Asgardian demigod. 

"Yes. And he's been under the orders of the Chitauri. That scepter is his. It was given to him by them."

"He doesn't look anything like you."

"He's... adopted."

"Ahh... And Loki is the guy we're after? So, isn't that good news 'cuz we caught him?"

"Sort of. But he gave up too easily. There has to be something more to his plan because he still won't tell us where the Tesseract is," Steve said. 

"Well, now that he's in our custody, maybe we can get him to tell us."

"We will sure as hell try, Dr. Banner," Fury said. He stood up and walked out of the conference room. There was an awkward silence that filled the room. 

"I guess I should get to work on that scepter..." Bruce said, and turned around on his heels. Tony stood up.

"I will assist him," Tony said and followed Bruce out of the room. 

Bruce sighed as he entered the lab. He walked over to the touch screen computer that was suspended near his head. He set up calibrations to control the scepter sitting on a stand on a desk. Tony strolled in casually. 

"Hello, Mr. Stark," Bruce acknowledged Tony without looking away from the screen, "Here to help?"

"If I can in any way."

"Great. Could you go over there and set up the gamma measures to see just how unstable this thing really is? Thanks."

Tony did as he was told. Bruce turned away from the touch screen to examine the scepter. 

"I know this guy is evil, but he had nice taste in scepters. This thing is beautiful," Bruce held the scepter carefully in his hands, looking over the intricate designs and patterns engraved in it. 

"Mmhm," Tony mumbled, not fully aware of what Bruce was talking about. Bruce set the scepter down and went back over to the computer that gave up on him earlier. He typed some things into it and hoped for the best. When the screen went black, Bruce groaned and slapped the screen in frustration. Tony looked over at the commotion. 

"What a piece of crap! Nothing on this damn ship works right," Bruce complained, more to himself than Tony. Tony stopped working and walked over to a fuming Bruce. 

"What's the matter, buddy? Don't get mad at the computer."

"Nothing," Bruce said, allowing himself to look at Tony. Tony carefully studied Bruce's face. It showed all the signs of tiredness. Bruce removed his glasses again and rubbed his temple. Then he placed them back on. Tony rested a hand on Bruce's shoulder. 

"Look, man. You look exhausted. How about you sit over there and rest for a while?"

"No, Tony. I--"

"Come on. Just relax for a minute. You've been working hard for the past four days. I think it's fair if you rest for a moment."


"No, go over there. I'll take care of whatever needs to be done. And if I need help, I'll ask you."

"Alright... Thanks, Tony."

"Don't mention it."

Bruce slowly walked over to a stool and sat it in. He removed his glasses completely off his face and placed them in his shirt pocket. He watched Tony walk around the lab, fixing temperatures and levels with the computer.

"You just put the readings from the scepter over the--"

"Banner, I know. Don't worry. I got everything covered." 

"Okay. Sorry. I'm just not used to not working around the clock."

"Trust me, Bruce. I know how you feel."

Bruce smiled and began chuckling. Tony looked at him curiously.

"What's so funny?" he asked Bruce.

"W-What? Oh, nothing. I just never imagined that you would ever call me by my real name."

"What do you mean?"

"All I ever hear come out of your mouth whenever you talk about me is Banner, Hulk, big guy--"

"But I--"

"Jade Jaws..."

"Hey! I say that with love."

Bruce chuckled. 

"The last one is actually clever," Bruce scratched his chin and smiled. 

"Jade Jaws? Yeah. I don't know where that one came from. I call you big fella sometimes, too, right? I know it's not very original, though."

"It's fine. Anyway, I found it funny that you called me Bruce before. That's all."

"Well, I just said it. I didn't think. I figured since you call me Tony, it's okay."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Was I not supposed to call you Tony?"

"Not many people do. Only my close friends."

"I'm not a close friend?"

"Not yet, at least."

"Oh, then I have a whole list of names for you, Iron Man," Bruce grinned and rubbed his hands together. 

"Okay... I see where this is going. Just don't."

"Don't what? Don't call you names like Shellhead?"

Tony blushed. 


"Or Tin Man?"


"It's not so nice being made fun of right, Stark?"

"Alright, alright! That's enough."

"That was actually really fun."

"Yeah, I'll show you something that's fun..." Tony walked briskly over to Bruce. Bruce stood up, with a grin on his face. The two men were nose to nose. 

Just then, Captain America walked in with Thor following behind him. Steve saw Bruce and Tony. 

"Woah, what's going on?" he asked, and moved closer to the two. Bruce looked away from Tony, and instead greeted Steve and Thor. 

"Uh, nothing. We were just, um... measuring each other's height," Bruce fibbed. Thor stifled his laughter, but let a snort slip through his mouth. 

"Don't lie, Doctor. We all know you were about to fight with Mr. Stark. But we know not what about."

"Thanks for clearing that up, Thor," Tony said sarcastically, "Now, can we get off this subject? Banner and I just got a little annoyed with each other. That's all."

"Let's just talk. Tony and I can work while we talk, right?"

"Ah, ah, ahh. You need to relax, Brucey. Remember?"

"Ugh, this sucks. I hate not working."

"Then have a conversation with us," Steve spoke. Thor grinned at Bruce. 

"How's are captive?" Tony asked. 

"Loki's in a cell at the base of the heli-carrier. He's secure."

"Good," Bruce said. He glanced at Thor who was twisting his wristlets again. He also had a sullen look on his face. It seemed to bring Thor down whenever they spoke of Loki being a prisoner or a bad guy. 

"Thor, how did you acquire Loki in your family?" Bruce asked Thor. He thought that maybe if he brought up happier times with Loki, it would cheer up Thor. Thor stopped playing with his left wristlet to look at Banner. 

"My father, Odin, had finished a major battle with the leader of the frost giants, Laufy. He was victorious in the battle. But as he was about to come back to Asgard, he found a young frost giant beneath the ice and rubble. It was a baby. Odin figured he was abandoned, so he took him back to Asgard with him. That baby became my younger brother, Loki. My father taught him to be an Asgardian. Still, there was always that difference and evil in Loki. I loved him, though. We played and fought together. Then as we grew older into men, secrets of Loki's past were revealed to him. We both found out that Loki was actually the son of Laufy. And Loki turned completely bad, and he tried to kill me to become ruler of Asgard. And-- Oh, I'm sorry. I was rambling again, wasn't I? I have always been known to be the storyteller in my family. I could go on and on..."

"It's okay, Thor. This is something very dear to you, so it's alright if you tell us too much. I, personally, want to know about Loki. You know, to try and get a read on him. What was he like before he became evil?" said Bruce.

"He was quiet--"

Tony chortled at that comment. Thor rolled his eyes.

"He really was. He was usually sulking or wishing to be alone. I enjoyed playing and fighting with him whenever I got the chance. I think it was because I would usually win, heh. And as we grew up, Loki had a longing for power. He wanted to be king of Asgard. And now, he wants to rule Midgard."

"Now, I really want to talk to this guy. He's at the base, right? I'll find him," Tony said, and started toward the door. Steve stood in front of him.

"Stark, the smartest thing you could do right now is not go near Loki. Fury already went down there, and I bet that didn't go well. The last person he wants to see is you, or any of us. Just stay up here. Maybe tomorrow you can pay Loki a visit. Not now."

"Alright, Cap. You are the boss, after all. The veteran. The hero. Any other titles that I'm missing? Oh yeah... grandpa."

Steve glowered at Tony. 

While Steve and Tony were verbally battling it out, Bruce had summoned Thor over to the stool he was sitting in. He saw a dramatic change in Thor's attitude when he started telling stories about Loki. Bruce decided he should stay on that subject. 

"How did Loki get involved with the Chitauri?"

"He was transported to another realm when he fell into the collapsed rainbow bridge in Asgard. That sucked him in, and transported him to a limbo of sorts. The Chitauri are in command of Loki as of now. I know no more than that."

"Do you think he has any hope of turning good, let's say?"

"Doctor Banner, please excuse my rudeness... But why are you so enthralled to learn about Loki?"

Bruce was busted. He didn't want to lie to Thor.

"Well, you looked sad before. I knew that we were talking about Loki now... being evil and all that. Then when I started asking about all the good things Loki was, I saw your mood change. It seemed to cheer you up."

Thor looked confused at first. Then, he smiled and started laughing. Bruce smiled, not completely sure of why he was laughing. 

"Ahh. Thank you for caring, Dr. Banner. It does make me upset seeing my brother locked up. I was planning on visiting him later tonight. Would you like to come with me? Then you can ask him all those wonderful questions you asked me."

Bruce chuckled and said, "I would like to come with you, Thor. But I'm not sure if he's in the right mindset to be asked personal questions. But I'll try to make peace with him or something."

"Haha! Very well," Thor said and slapped Bruce's back. Bruce had to regain the air that escaped his lungs when Thor smacked him. 

Tony had gone back to work on figuring out how Loki controlled that scepter. Steve said he had to check on something, so he left. 

"Tony... I mean, Mr. Stark? Do you need me here anymore?" Bruce asked him. 

"Not really. Why?"

"Thor wanted to show me something. Is it okay if I leave with him?"


"Thanks," Bruce smiled. He looked at Thor. 

"Come on. Let's go see Loki," Bruce whispered the last part so only Thor could hear. Thor grinned widely. He and Bruce left the lab. Bruce talked to Thor as they were walking.

"How was it growing up with Loki?"

"It was alright. It was always nice to have company instead of being an only child. But like I said before, he was very quiet."

"What's the funniest thing you remember when you two were together as children?"

"There were many. For instance, one time during the summer, Loki and I were playing outside. I was about eight and he was about five or six--"

"So, there was a couple years difference between you two. He doesn't seem much younger than you, I hate to say."

"It's all the years of stress. Anyway, we were doing Odin knows what exactly. Then we stumbled upon a steep hill. It was near the castle, and it was covered in emerald green grass. I suggested a race to see who could get to the bottom first by running down the hill. Loki was nervous at first, but then gave in. I counted to three, and we both took off. I underestimated the steepness of this hill and tripped. My brother wasn't far behind me, and he gained the lead as he saw me fall to the floor. I got up as quickly as I could and chased after him. When I was close enough to him, I lunged at him. We both fell to the floor, and we rolled down the rest of the hill. You would not believe how much we were laughing at this point. All the way to the bottom of the hill, all you could hear was cackling and childish squeals."

"Sounds fun."

"It was. But the best part is when we reached the bottom. I ended up on top of Loki. Both of us were panting and laughing...."


"T-Thor... Get offa me!" young Loki whined. He struggled in his brother's grasp. Thor didn't give him any leeway. 

"I won," Thor said.

"No, you didn't! I was gonna win, then you knocked me over."

"But I'm in control now, so I say I won."

"That's not fair!" Loki screamed and kicked. Thor grabbed Loki's flailing wrists and held them above his head. 

"Thor! I'm gonna tell daddy!"

"Really? And what will he do?"

"He'll punish you for being a bully to me."

"Uh-hu... Would a bully do this?"

Thor released Loki's arms, but did not get off of Loki completely. 

"Yes! 'Cuz you're still crushing me with your big, fat body!"

"Oh yeah? I have a big, fat body? I may have to punish you for making fun of me..."

"No, Thor! Please, don't hurt-- AAAH!" Loki screamed as he felt Thor tickling his small belly. He started giggling like crazy. 

"Am I still fat?" Thor asked Loki, grinning down at him. 

"Y-Yes! Stahahahap! Heeheeheeheehahahaha."

"What was that, brother? I couldn't hear over your girly screams," Thor teased him. 

"I said... STOP! Plehehehease!"

"Alright, I will stop. But I have to finish this off with something," Thor said. He stopped tickling Loki's stomach, and instead rolled up his dark green shirt. Loki knew what was coming. He started to squirm around. 

"Thor, please! I hate when you do that! Please, no!"

"I have to, Loki."

"No you don't! No, no, no, no, no, NAH!!!" Loki squealed loudly when Thor blew a raspberry on Loki's pale stomach. Thor started laughing at his younger brother. He stood up, and pulled Loki to his feet with him. Then he hugged him. Loki was panting. 

"You okay?" Thor asked sweetly. 

"You're a meanie."

"Hehehe. I know. I'm sorry."

"Hmph. It's okay."

*End Of Flashback*

Bruce smiled at Thor when Thor finished his tale. 

"Funny... I never imagined Loki to be a ticklish person."

"Oh, he is very sensitive, Dr. Banner. That was nothing compared to the time when--"

"Uh, Thor? We're here," Bruce wasn't very eager to hear another story. But they did reach the door to the cell area. Bruce typed in the password and the door opened. 

Loki looked up at the sound of the door opening. He wasn't very excited to see who entered. 

"Oh hello, brother. Come to rub it in my face that you captured me?"

"No, Loki. I am not. I just wanted to visit you."

"How sweet. And you brought the beast, I see."

"Hey, how do you--?" Bruce started. 

"I know about the creature in you, Dr. Banner. We met earlier."

"No, not really. You passed by my lab, and we shared eye contact."

"Hm... So what are you two really doing here?"

"I invited Dr. Banner to accompany me as I visited you. I wanted to see you, brother."

"Don't call me that! We both know that I am not your true brother."


"Thor isn't lying. I came with him when he offered. Thor has also told me quite a lot about you, Loki. You may be here for a while, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to get to know you."

"I do not wish to know any of you more than I already do."

"Yeah, well... Now we're here, so we kind of have to talk."

"Please, Loki. We just want to have a conversation with you."

"A friendly one, if at all possible." 

"Alright, I'll play along," Loki backed up and sat on the cot set up for him inside the cell. Bruce sat on a chair across from Loki on the outside of the cell. Thor remained standing. 

"So, what has Thor told you about me?" Loki slouched forward and folded his hands together. 

"He told me that you we're adopted, in a way, into his family. That you were very quiet and gloomy when you were younger. And that you were, and still are, ticklish."

"He told you that?" Loki chuckled, "No, you got it all wrong. It's him that's ticklish, not me."

Bruce looked over at Thor, who was blushing and hiding his face in his hands. Bruce giggled.

"Is that true, Thor?"

"No, absolutely not," Thor looked up. His face was completely red. Loki smiled at his brother's embarrassment. 

"I would love to demonstrate if I wasn't in this prison cell."

"No, it's okay. I'll find out for myself later."

"He's lying," Thor said defensively. Loki chuckled. Bruce looked back at him. 

"He's ticklish," Loki said once more. This got him a glare from Thor. 

"But Loki didn't know how to perform magic until he was eighteen!" Thor suddenly blurted out.

"Be quiet!" Loki hissed. He stood up and walked over to the closest part of the cell to Thor. 

"All young ones are supposed to learn magic by age five. I even know a spell or two."

"I wasn't a true Asgardian, therefore I was--"


"Shut up. That wasn't what I was going to say. At least I'm not ticklish."

Bruce was sitting with a gaping mouth, staring at the two gods. He couldn't believe just how much they were acting like children. This side of them definitely confirmed that they were brothers. 

"Yes you are! I may have that sensitivity, but don't act like you don't. You are more ticklish than I ever was."

"No! Who would squeak like a mouse when tickled by mother?"

"I was a young boy."

"You mean, twelve?"

Bruce couldn't believe what was happening before him. They were acting as if he wasn't even in the room. Bruce actually stood up and left the cell area. Neither Thor nor Loki noticed him leave. 

"I really want to open this cell and tickle you senseless, brother. Just to prove you wrong," Thor said. He and Loki were nose to nose, even though the glass wall was in between them. 

"Why don't you?" Loki sneered. 

Just then, the door to the cell area opened. 

"What the hell is going on in here?" Nick Fury came in, accompanied by Bruce, Tony, and Agent Coulson. Thor backed away from the cell wall, and so did Loki. 

"Director Fury... I can explain--''

"Oh, hell you can explain. I want to know why you were conversing with the prisoner without my permission."

"I didn't know I had to get permission to see my brother, Director," Thor said seriously and stormed out of the room past the rest of them. Fury ran after Thor, and he took Coulson with him. Tony and Bruce were left in the cell area. Loki looked embarrassed and somewhat disappointed. 

"You told him?" Loki looked down. Bruce knew he was talking to him. 



"It looked like you two were getting out of hand. I was scared, so I got Fury to come and check it out. Tony and Coulson just followed. I'm sorry."

"Wait, why are you apologizing to him? He's the bad guy," Tony was still in the room with them. 

"I didn't actually mean to take away your time with Thor. I guess I was just so startled to see you guys act like siblings," Bruce ignored Tony. 

"Were we really that bad?" Loki looked at Bruce, and cracked a smile at the end. 

"Your argument resembled a ten-year-old's."

Loki actually laughed. 

"We always tended to do that. I guess we still do today."

Tony was confused as to why Bruce was acting so kind towards Loki. 

"Is this a form of interrogation?" Tony whispered to Bruce. 

"What? No! I'm just getting to know him. I think he's growing on me," Bruce whispered back. 

"What were you and Thor fighting about?" Tony asked Loki. 

"I'd rather not talk about it."

"Why not?"

"Because, Mr. Stark, it's childish and embarrassing."

"Bruce knows. Why'd you tell him?"

"He didn't tell me. They fought in front of me, so I kind of figured out what it was they were fighting about," Bruce said. Loki sat back down on his cot. 

"Just tell me!" Tony whined. Loki smirked at the pitch Tony's voice rose to. 

"Can I tell him?" Bruce asked Loki. 

"Knock yourself out," Loki told him. Bruce rubbed the back of his neck before he spoke. 

"They were, um, fighting about who was more... ticklish."

Tony stood in silence with a blank expression on his face. Then he looked at Loki. 

"You're ticklish?" Tony asked incredulously. Loki cupped his face in his hands and shook his head. 

"Oh god... Yes! I am ticklish! Now everyone knows," Loki said. He just gave up and told the truth, "But so is Thor."

"No way! So is the Green Giant here, right Bruce?" Tony squeezed Bruce's sides. Bruce yelped and jumped away from the point of attack. 

"Stop," Bruce chuckled. Loki watched in amusement.

 'These humans aren't so bad,' Loki thought, then he corrected himself, "Wait, what am I saying? I'm supposed to destroy them and rule the Earth with the Tesseract! I'm the bad guy. I am the one without a heart. Why do I find them tolerable? Think evil, think evil, think evil...'

Loki was distracted from his thoughts when he heard another unmanly shriek. This time it came from Tony Stark. Bruce had found a way to tickle the billionaire. Loki couldn't help but let a giggle escape his lips. He saw the door open and Thor re-enter the room. Thor seemed to be in a bad mood, but he paused when he saw Tony and Bruce. 

"H-Hi, Thor," Bruce said, and flinched as Tony jabbed his side. Both of them faced Thor. 

"I heard you were ticklish..." Tony said. Thor slowly backed up, and hoped to exit the room. But his back hit the closed door of the cell area. Plus, Thor didn't know the password to exit. He could summon Mijolnir, but he didn't want to break a door down for no real reason. Thor jumped over the two men and ran over to the other side of Loki's cell. 

"Loki, did you tell him, too?" Thor angrily whispered to Loki. 

"Yeah. Was it really a big secret?" Loki smiled. He was glad, at this point, to be locked up in a cell. He really didn't want to get involved in this tickle fight. Tony and Bruce ran to opposite sides of the cell to corner Thor. Thor was quick for his size. He kept dodging the two of them. 

Loki decided it was worth a try to help the mortals. He cast a spell that tripped Thor while he was running. Thor fell face first onto the floor, but quickly got up. He banged on the glass wall, which meant that he knew Loki tripped him. Loki chortled. 

He tried a different spell, but for it to work correctly, Thor had to remain still for a split second. Thor did pause once, and this was an opening for Loki. He stood up and made chains appear and tie around Thor's hands. Loki made the chains bring Thor's hands behind his back. Just for fun, Loki lifted Thor into the air with them. Thor ended up hanging upside down. This position made Loki laugh out loud. 

Bruce and Tony watched in amazement. 

"Are you trying to help us, Loki?" Bruce asked. Loki nodded.

"Any chance to annoy Thor."

"I second that," Tony said. He walked over to Thor's thrashing form in the air. 

"LOKI! Put me down this instant!" 

"Should I?" Loki asked for approval from the other two. This even surprised the person who said it. 

"Umm... Put him down, but make sure he can't move," Bruce suggested. Loki did just that. He lay Thor down on the floor, and conjured more chains to immobilize him. 

"You know, Thor. Your brother just moved up a notch in my book," Tony joked. Bruce bent down to get a better look at Thor. Bruce scribbled his fingers over Thor's stomach. Thor squealed and jumped in the restraints. 

"So, you were the one that was ticklish! Huh... I never would've believed that."

"You shouldn't believe it, Dr. Banner. I'm not-- Ouch! A little loser on the chains, thank you," Thor choked out. Loki had tightened the restraints temporarily. 

"Sorry. Just wanted to shut you up for a second."

Tony chuckled at Loki's comment. 

"Could you release him? I feel kind of bad," Bruce said, "I just wanted to see if he was ticklish. And he is. I got what I wanted."

"Oh, alright," Loki huffed. He snapped his fingers and all the chains disappeared. Thor lay on the ground, stretching for another minute or so before he finally stood up. He walked over to the control panel of Loki's cell. Loki became scared. What if Thor pushed the red button that could send him falling to the Earth?

"Thor, whatever it is that you are thinking... stop," Loki said. Thor didn't seem to go near the red button, though. He pushed random ones, which made Loki's heart skip a beat each time. When he pushed a blue one, the door to the actual cell opened. Loki backed further into the cell. Thor went into the cell with Loki. 

"Close the door," Thor ordered to either Bruce or Tony. Tony was the first to react, and he locked the two gods in there. Loki looked legitimately nervous. 

"Should we open the cell or call Fury?" Bruce asked Tony. 

"Neither. I think you owe them one for being a tattletale before. And I'm sure you don't want this to go on outside the cell."

"Yeah, you're right. How about we call the others, like Steve and Natasha? I bet they would want to see this."

"I like the way you think, Banner," Tony said. He called Black Widow and Captain America to the cell area. A minute later, they arrived. 

"Woah, what's Thor doing in there? Get him out!" Steve was startled by the two people in the cell. 

"Relax, Cap. Thor's just taking care of some business," Tony said.

"Why'd you call us here, then? I thought you needed help getting him out," Natasha said. 

"No... Bruce and I wanted you to see the show."

The Avengers encircled the cell. 

'Great,' Loki thought, 'Just what I need: an audience.'

"Brother, please. I didn't mean to upset you before--"

"You didn't upset me. You angered me, Loki. Now, you have nowhere to run or hide. Go ahead. Use your magic now."

Loki knew he couldn't. If he used any spell inside the cell, he would send them plummeting to the Earth. He was trapped. Thor grabbed Loki's arms and held him in place. 

"Thor, I won't do that again. I promise! I'm so sorry..." 

Thor just held Loki and looked at him. Then, Thor released Loki's arms, and instead used his hands to tickle him. Loki doubled over in laughter. 

"Loki's ticklish?" Natasha asked. Steve furrowed his brow as he watched the brothers in the cell. Thor continued tickling Loki. Loki kept running to different parts of the cell to escape Thor. At one point, Thor pinned Loki to the wall and tickled his exposed abdomen. Loki laughed loudly. 

"No, ah! Stop! Thor, stohohop it!" 

Loki managed to escape, but he landed near Tony. Tony tapped on the glass, which frightened Loki. He jumped away from the sound. Loki felt very paranoid at this point. 

"So, they're both ticklish..." Bruce admitted, crossing his arms over his chest. 

The cell door suddenly opened. Loki raced out of the cell, and Thor followed him. Natasha pulled her gun out and pointed it at Loki. Loki was heading that way, but he froze and held his hands up when he saw the gun.

"Get back in the cell," Natasha ordered. 

"I will, but only if you swear that I will be alone in it," Loki said in return, shooting a glare at Thor. 

"Sure. Now get in there."

Loki kept his hands in the air as Black Widow followed him to the cell entrance. When Loki stepped inside, Natasha looked over at the cell control panel. She saw Steve near it. Steve pressed a button that closed the cell, then Natasha finally put away her weapon. 

"Steve, what the hell were you thinking?" Tony asked. Now everyone was looking at Captain America, including Loki. 

"I didn't want to see them fight in there like that. I wanted to take Thor out, and I knew he wouldn't leave unless A: we used force or B: Loki stepped out of the cell."

"It was pretty hilarious, though," Tony said, looking over his shoulder to see Loki sitting on his cot. The god was very silent. Surprisingly, so was Thor. That was probably because Thor wasn't in the room anymore. Bruce noticed this. 

"Where'd Thor go?" 

"Um, he was right here a second ago," Tony said.

"He left after he saw Natasha with her gun," Steve answered Bruce's question. 

"What? Was he afraid I was going to shoot him?" Natasha asked. 

"Well, I think in case you did, he didn't want to see it."

"Nah. I think he was too embarrassed of what just transpired to show his face," Tony resumed speaking, "Right, Loki?"

Loki blushed unwillingly, and glared at Tony. 

"Alright, guys. Show's over. Let's leave the God of Mischief here, and Bruce and I can get to work on finding the real Tesseract. The Avengers proceeded to leave the cell. Tony and Bruce were the last to leave.

"And by the way, you can call me Tony," Tony smiled at Bruce. 

"So, I'm a friend now?"

"Yeah. You earned my respect."

They continued walking and the cell area door closed behind them. Loki was once again left alone in silence. But something kept bugging Loki. 

'Not once did any of them mention the Tesseract while in here. No one asked me about it. Why not? Did they not want to interrogate me and find the exact location? Maybe they were being kind to me... for real.'

Loki smiled at the thought of him being friends with The Avengers. 

                                                           ~The End~
Here it is. Part two of the one I posted nearly three weeks ago. Sorry for the wait. This one is just a bunch of gibberish with some cute tickling. I really tried to include almost every Avenger. It's hard because at this point i was thinking of the movie, where Hawkeye is still under Loki's spell. So, i couldnt include him. But i mentioned Coulson. Sorry Hawkeye and Phil Coulson fans. Please Enjoy!
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someone get a camera, the almighty Thor squealed.
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that was awesome! when thor and loki did the tickle argument I felt the embarrassment between the brothers. and fury was like "I don't understand. Did I hear the word ticklish come out of both gods' mouths? you know what I am leaving." you are so inspiring, and good. hey can a make a part 3 to this. That would be fun to type
MichelleAndTheBeatle Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I'm soooo happy you enjoyed this! And I don't really understand your question.... do you want to make a sequel or do you want me to write one?
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Thanks a lot! I really hope to make more in the future.
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